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Introducing Project Food LA

Project Food LA is a group of educators, artists, gardeners, architects, designers and chefs formed out of an interest in responding to issues of food and justice, and in framing food production as a way of connecting to place and community. Project Food LA partners culinary education, farmers market offerings, and other diet services in the interest of interfacing in a holistic manner to a complex issue.


Project Food LA is beginning a series of programming about corn, and is inviting diverse guests to discuss the significance of maize, in light of the growing threat to heirloom corn and corn seed in Mexico. Project Food LA will gather together to discuss the significance of corn in indigenous cultures, and strategies for resiliency in the face of climate change and GMOs. The event's discussions will be available online at a later date. 


The participatory dialogue will feature leaders Tony Skrelunas, program director of the Native America Program for the Grand Canyon Trust in Arizona, and Marcos Aguilar, leader of the El Sereno Charter School, Academia Semillas del Pueblo in LA. The talks aim to elevate understanding of the history of corn, from the practical to the spiritual and the contemporary relevancy of corn today.


Photo courtesy of Project Food LA's Facebook
KC Orcutt
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