Photographer: Jodi Jones

The floaty, placelessness of fast fashion sets the tone for the global garment game. It claims no designer, no source, no history. Items haunt the sales floor with the silent chuckle of a post-rational meme—flickering past consumers, leaving no trace. It all happens so quickly, it may as well have never happened at all.

The haze of profit and speed has created a system preoccupied with the aesthetics of its own disappearance.

In the late Nineties, as the global garment trade gained momentum, John Patrick had to ask: Is sustainability a possibility? Or just a kludge patching the disconnect between eco-anxieties and offshore realities?

In 2004, John Patrick answered that question by launching Organic, his signature fashion label. Organic doesn't ask either/or. It answers both/and. Beauty and ethics. Green and global. These aren’t binaries of opposition, they’re gradients of possible. Prioritizing organic materials, fair labor practices, and ecological awareness, Organic’s supply chain is a prototype that refines and renders those relationships.

Nose-to-tail, for tomorrow.

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