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Photo recap: Introducing On The Road Project LA

On the Road Project LA is a yearlong series of exhibitions and conversations that highlight contemporary architectural practices in Los Angeles. Kicking off the series was the organization's first event this past weekend, where 18 studios and individuals showcased a project that they are currently working on for a one-day exhibition.


During On the Road Project LA, which will rotate distinct venues throughout LA during the course of the series, participants aim to capture the experimental spirit of the city while exploring intellectually-charged and contemporary ideas through architecture, design and art.


As featured in the LA Times, the project is organized by Jonathan Louie, James Michael Tate, curator Danielle Rago and editor Courtney Coffman. We look forward to watching the series unfold and are happy to share the following photo recap from On The Road Project LA! Photography by Jaime Kowal for On The Road Project LA. 




KC Orcutt
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