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Congratulations to the Vermont Sail Freight Project from Organic

We would like to extend a greeting of congratulations to our neighbors and inspirations involved with the Vermont Sail Freight Project, who recently met (and exceeded) their $15,000 goal on Kickstarter to help fund the building of a sailboat designed to transport goods from Vermont down the Hudson River into New York City and the Lower Hudson. 

The 39-foot sailboat, named Ceres after the Roman goddess of agriculture and grain crops, is currently being built by an all-volunteer crew of students and members of the community and will be able to carry 24,000 lbs of cargo and only require a working crew of two. The boat will utilize the historic canal system, lakes and rivers to transport goods with a very low carbon footprint per ton-mile and will be making stops along the way to New York City.

The VSF project is on track to launch in Lake Champlain in July with its maiden voyage beginning in September. 

We commend and support their vision to reignite a zero-emissions food trading network that will also inevitably build community. Stay up-to-date on the project's progress over on their blog

KC Orcutt
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